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Review: Online Course for Natural Health School, Unit 1 Lesson 1–Or, in which I poke a bag of psychotic worms

I am a fairly scientifically minded person. In fact, I left one job and returned to school with the goal of entering a graduate program in some area of research. As I worked towards my second bachelor’s in biology, my interests narrowed from research to biochemistry to the study of how the chemicals from natural products–be they cone snail toxins or herbs–interact with the body to produce pharmacological results. I was mostly interested in herbs, as my grandmother was an herbalist, and whether or not herbs actually had a physiological effect on the body and how. As such, I started to study herbs on my own. This was a long process, and I’m far from finished, as grad school applications, homework, finals, and work-work kept getting in the way. Continue reading Review: Online Course for Natural Health School, Unit 1 Lesson 1–Or, in which I poke a bag of psychotic worms


What if Gyms were Energy Factories?

I love running. It is the only form of exercise that I feel needs no hand-eye coordination, no endless hours at the gym, and is as uplifting as it is beneficial. Now, just to set the record straight, I am in no way saying your preferred form of exercise is bad, wrong, or pointless. I just prefer running and other forms of exercise like it, including hiking and snowshoeing (I’d also like to go swimming, if I had a pool or pond handy). In other words, I prefer exercise that doesn’t take much equipment or much money and can be done in the great outdoors (my personal haven). Continue reading What if Gyms were Energy Factories?

Crunchy Adventure: Making Lotion

Every once in a while, I get the urge to be “domestic” and make things from scratch. That usually entails me going to the store to buy supplies, thus going over my weekly food budget on things that I am usually too much of a spend thrift to buy. That happened yesterday, as I realized my favorite “JĀSÖN Revitalizing Vitamin E 5,000 I.U. Moisturizing Crème,” aka thick goopy lotion, would be gone within the week. This troubled me greatly, as I use lotion every morning, night, break, and after several meals, especially in the middle of winter. My family has always told me I have crocodile hands, and my mother has always spoken of the importance of smooth hands for first impressions, especially during job interviews and first dates (though hopefully one does not become the other. That would be awkward). Continue reading Crunchy Adventure: Making Lotion

Savers is a Girl’s Best Friend

There is a oft-said phrase that every jeweler wants you to believe: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That, however, is wrong. While diamonds are enchanting, with their sparkle and the way they glimmer on a finger or an ear, they don’t do much more than sit there and be expensive.

I want to introduce you to a new phrase: Savers is a girl’s best friend.  Continue reading Savers is a Girl’s Best Friend

My Biggest Weakness in Being Green

There are some people who take to living green like a fish to water. For others, their fervor to save the world prompts them to change everything about themselves seemingly overnight. Me, I’m more of a tiptoe and change as far as my budget allows, giving myself goals and guidelines as I go. But there’s one weakness I have.


And not just any cleaning.

Washing the dishes. Continue reading My Biggest Weakness in Being Green