Beauties of the Earth

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Part of it is because I went on vacation, and part of it is because I was so emotionally drained after that last blog post on the online course. I don’t like pointing out flaws–it makes me cranky and very contentious, and it wears me down for a very long time–but sometimes it needs to be done in order to educate others about truths and falsehoods.

But enough of that for now. I will probably return to review the rest of that online course, but not today. Today I want to share a message: one of joy and thanksgiving, one to help us realize how lucky we are on this little blue ball in the middle of the cosmos. I want to share my gratitude for all the beauties of this earth.

I went on vacation to San Diego, California (ha! That’s one city you can cross off your map of “Where does Elisa live?”), and it was beautiful. I flew in to LA and spent a day traveling down the coast. There were sea cliffs, wind blowing salt in my hair and crusting my skin so that I tasted it when I licked my lips. There was sunshine, hazy clouds on the horizon, and a beautiful sunset against the ocean waves.

While in California, I went whale watching, tide pool exploring, and collected shells. An ache in my foot healed, a headache I’d had for months cleared, and I felt more at peace than I had in a long time. And all of this made me think: how often do I just go for walks–not for the purpose of exercise, but just to feel the sun on my face and the wind on my hair? How often do I watch the birds and the squirrels, or investigate the frantic work of ants?

While in California I saw sites I’d never seen before–grey whales breaching for air, their flukes slipping beneath the surface with a soundless grace, fledgling seagulls pestering their mother until she gave them food she’d carefully collected for them, baby seals floundering on a beach as they try to get the hang of using the waves to climb onto a rock, tiny hermit crabs bustling back and forth, and small fish flitting in tide pools waiting for the tide to come in. All of these wonders lay before me, and the reason I saw them was because I was still enough and patient enough to see.

I have a new goal now that I’m back home. I want to walk more, be more still, be more open to seeing the beauty all around me. For we live on this beautiful earth–at times terrible, but still beautiful. I want to see what surrounds me.



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