Good afternoon! (or morning, or evening, whatever time you happen to visit)

My name’s Elisa, and I’ve decided to share my journey to become a greener, cleaner person with you, and hopefully provide some insight into the process it takes to become cleaner (as well as see how far I am willing and able to go).

Not too long ago, a family member said that I was becoming extreme. “Me? Extreme?” I thought, and then I began thinking: what does it mean to be extreme? Am I, someone who has recently become interested in herbal remedies, who begged my parents to choose recycling when it became an option, who cheers whenever a new innovation paves a possible cleaner future for our planet and posterity, extreme? I don’t think so, but then I’ve read several of the millions of other blogs out there about clean and frugal living.

So stick around, explore my pages, and decide for yourself if I’m extreme. Me, I think I’m Half Green and Kinda Crunchy.


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