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My Dream House

Oftentimes, I look at my little apartment and dream of something more, something maybe not bigger, but a little better and with more land.  I want a house.

This want is constant and never goes away completely, but this week that desire has been especially strong.  I was finally able to put away a bit more money into savings, something that I’ve struggled with since my spending’s been out of control, and so I looked at my goal again, wondering if it would ever be possible.

Since dreaming and creating a goal is the first step to action, here is my dream house:

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The Challenges of Living Green with a Roommate (and what I can do better)

In my short-ish life, I have never lived all alone.  I’ve lived with my parents and with roommates.  There was a brief stint where I was between roommates for a summer, but that was before I decided to become greener and I spent my freedom watching Netflix and eating ramen. And wishing my apartment allowed dogs.  I still wish for that.

Through the years, I’ve discovered some things–mainly, that living green is hard with a roommate that doesn’t share your views or passions.

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Running: The Greenest Form of Exercise?

Hello, blogosphere! It’s been far too long since my last post, and I am dreadfully sorry.  I have no excuse.  It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging, I just, well, haven’t. So, without further ado, I give you my latest post:

Exercise, for me, is a peculiarity.  I don’t do it too often, and I get bored when I do most forms of it.  So when I first started thinking, “Oh dear, I am not in the best shape in the world–not terrible, but definitely not the best,” I decided that I had to find something that I could afford and that would keep my interest throughout life.  I’ve tried gyms, lots of gyms, with lots of different exercises.  I get bored halfway through a weightlifting sequence, a run on a treadmill, or halfway across a pool and end up just sort of…floating.  Just staring, just looking at all the other gym members running like hamsters on wheels, and I realized I was one of those hamsters.  Then I thought about my brother, about how he has run in track since junior high school and how he always posts pictures of all the wonderous trails and spectacular vistas he’s run across. So I decided running would become my thing.

I’m still working on it.

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What if Gyms were Energy Factories?

I love running. It is the only form of exercise that I feel needs no hand-eye coordination, no endless hours at the gym, and is as uplifting as it is beneficial. Now, just to set the record straight, I am in no way saying your preferred form of exercise is bad, wrong, or pointless. I just prefer running and other forms of exercise like it, including hiking and snowshoeing (I’d also like to go swimming, if I had a pool or pond handy). In other words, I prefer exercise that doesn’t take much equipment or much money and can be done in the great outdoors (my personal haven). Continue reading What if Gyms were Energy Factories?

Beginning of a Journey

Welcome, first-time viewers, to my first-time blog post! If you’re seeing this near the publication date, you’re probably viewing an ugly, plain, blue site with no personality whatsoever. Don’t be deceived! I have personality, but I also have no internet besides my smartphone. The formatting options on a smartphone are next to none, but I was so excited to start writing that I decided to go ahead, regardless of looks. Hopefully I can find a computer with internet access in the next few days.

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