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The Challenges of Living Green with a Roommate (and what I can do better)

In my short-ish life, I have never lived all alone.  I’ve lived with my parents and with roommates.  There was a brief stint where I was between roommates for a summer, but that was before I decided to become greener and I spent my freedom watching Netflix and eating ramen. And wishing my apartment allowed dogs.  I still wish for that.

Through the years, I’ve discovered some things–mainly, that living green is hard with a roommate that doesn’t share your views or passions.

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Let’s Talk Consumerism

For my second post I’d like to address consumerism and why this has been a major hurdle for my green and crunchy makeover because–let’s be honest–with my wages it’s probably gonna come up a lot.

Our country thrives on stuff. Everywhere we go, we’re inundated with messages to buy this and buy that, to get this and get that, to wear this or eat that but never touch that.

The other day, I walked into Harmon’s to buy bananas, a jar, and chamomile tea. I’m used to the little store in my parents’ hometown, which is pretty much an overpriced grocery store, but in the bigger city where I moved there was the grocery and So Much More. Continue reading Let’s Talk Consumerism