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Let’s Talk about Periods

Hello, readers!  It’s been a while, mostly because I’ve wanted to do this topic and also was terrified to do this topic.  Mainly because this subject is taboo among, well, practically every female (let alone the males) I know.  In real life.  Personally.  Of course, in the world-wide web, there are plenty of women (and some men) that are more than willing to talk about a woman’s menstrual cycle.  And I feel that those brave women that I know (because I will be sharing this post on Facebook) would do well to learn about some green things I’ve found that have, in all honesty, made my period weeks a lot better. Continue reading Let’s Talk about Periods



Thinking back on my posts, I realized that I’ve spent quite a bit of time nitpicking–whether health myths, roommates, or money costs. So for the next several posts, I’m gonna try my darndest to stay positive!  I’ve also spent more time, in my mind at least, focusing on green instead of crunchy. So I’m going to do my best to focus on both!

In my last post, I mentioned that making things is good for the soul (I’m paraphrasing–today I’m working on my phone instead of the computer, so I can’t go back and quote myself with ease), but I realized I haven’t really done anything lately to make, create, or nurture anything. So I have a new resolution to be more crunchy and create and grow and make!

This week, I grew, for the second time in my life, sprouts! Back when I decided to become green and crunchy, I followed in my mother’s footsteps and bought a bunch of sprout seeds, some muslin (at least, I think it’s muslin), and scrounged up a glass jar and a rubber band. And then I grew sprouts. It was so easy, but this was also when I had an unsupportive roommate that scoffed whenever I did anything mildly out of the “ordinary,” so I was cowed into not doing it again. Okay, enough with the negative. 

Fast forward to the recent past: I was at a health food store and ran across a lid for a mason jar. I excitedly bought it and brought it home. After some searching, I found an old spaghetti sauce jar I’d saved for such a time as this–but, to my dismay, it still smelled like old spaghetti sauce. Old smells indicate old organic matter, which indicates a good growth medium for mold and bacteria. One problem with growing your own sprouts is that you can grow E. coli at the same time, which is why instructions say to rinse your sprouts twice a day (as well as to help keep them from drying out). What was I to do?

Use vinegar! Remember how I said last week that there are several different uses for vinegar but alkalinity isn’t one of them? Well, vinegar is a good disinfectant and deodorizer, and I grabbed my white vinegar and swished some in the jar. Then I rinsed it out (probably a little excessively) because I was paranoid about extra vinegar killing the seeds. It worked like a charm. All scents–old spaghetti and vinegar–were gone! I poured some seeds in the jar, grabbed that special lid, and…

It was too big. It was specially made for large-lipped jars, which I would have noticed if I’d bothered to read the extra large print on the label. I probably have a large mason jar somewhere, but to find one I’d have to get all my roommate’s stuff, then all my stuff, out of storage to search through the multitudes of canning jars my aunt gave to me. So what did I do instead? I searched through my room and eventually found that muslin cloth and a rubber band.

The too-large lid.

I soaked the seeds, accidentally for 24 hours instead of the 8 to 10 hours recommended. Scared that I’d killed the seeds, I drained them, rinsed them, and drained them again. All I could do was wait.

A few days later, I was rewarded for my patience:

You probably can’t see, but there are itty bitty sprouts in there!

And a little over a week after I soaked my seeds for too long, I had a lovely jar of greenery. Of course, I forgot to take a picture before dumping them in a colander for one final rinse, but I did take one final picture:

Yay! Green stuff that I somehow managed to keep alive!

I’ve since placed the sprouts in a baggie and placed them in the fridge, but not before putting some on my salad that I packed for lunch!

While I would love to use the lid in the future, I’m still happy that I was able to successfully grow these seeds, packed full of tasty bite and nutritional goodness. And it’s so easy, I can’t believe I haven’t done it in a year.

My Dream House

Oftentimes, I look at my little apartment and dream of something more, something maybe not bigger, but a little better and with more land.  I want a house.

This want is constant and never goes away completely, but this week that desire has been especially strong.  I was finally able to put away a bit more money into savings, something that I’ve struggled with since my spending’s been out of control, and so I looked at my goal again, wondering if it would ever be possible.

Since dreaming and creating a goal is the first step to action, here is my dream house:

Continue reading My Dream House

The Challenges of Living Green with a Roommate (and what I can do better)

In my short-ish life, I have never lived all alone.  I’ve lived with my parents and with roommates.  There was a brief stint where I was between roommates for a summer, but that was before I decided to become greener and I spent my freedom watching Netflix and eating ramen. And wishing my apartment allowed dogs.  I still wish for that.

Through the years, I’ve discovered some things–mainly, that living green is hard with a roommate that doesn’t share your views or passions.

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Healthy Foods? Where?

We live in a culture that loves food and hates being told what to do. I am part of that culture, as can be seen by the fact that for one dinner this week I had ice cream and pasta, even when I told myself that was a bad idea. Then, when somebody besides ourselves tells us Americans what is healthy and good for the environment, some of us lose our freakin’ minds and say, “The Big Evil Government is trying to take away our freedom!”

Our country thrives on individuals believing that they are right, regardless of what facts may show. Some turn their backs on scientists, others on members of the “opposite” political party, and still others on members of religions that don’t match our own. I recently read an article posted by a friend on Facebook claiming that the government was trying to take away our rights to eat giant steaks and fatty foods whenever we want. What was that “big bad government” action? It was a report by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) basically saying that we Americans need to change the way we eat or die and take the planet along with us. And you know what? The HHS is right. We are swimming in a sea of gluttony, with two-thirds of adults in the US being overweight and one-third of adults being obese. Obesity is an epidemic, and we can’t get off our high horses long enough to see that maybe, just maybe, the HHS is trying to do the right thing in releasing this report.

But what can we turn to in order to change our lives for the better? Continue reading Healthy Foods? Where?